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Legacy Flags

Legacy Flags

Exhibition on view through May 13th, Mon-Fri 10-6 PM

New York University
41-51 East 11th Street, 7th floor
NY NY 10003
Open 10-6 M-F

Still Present Pasts: Korean Americans and the “Forgotten War” is a multi-media exhibit of installation and performance art, documentary film and archival photographs, and oral histories that explores memories and legacies of the Korean War. Embodying life stories of ordinary Korean Americans who experienced the war, the exhibit is a public space of remembering that breaks the silence about a tragic episode in U.S. and Korean history. The Korean War took the lives of 3 million Korean civilians and 1.2 million combatants, ushered in the Cold War era, and remains stalemated in an armistice agreement nearly 6 decades since its signing – yet most Americans remember it only as the “forgotten war.”

Featured speakers at the April 23rd Gallery talk: Ramsay Liem, Project Director, and artists: Sukjong Hong, Hosu Kim and Deann Borshay Liem, Yul-san Liem.

‘어제 안에 오늘: 잊혀진 전쟁 살아있는 기억’은 한국 전쟁의 기억과 유산을 설치예술과 행위예술, 다큐멘터리와 문서보관소에 보관되어 있던 사진들, 그리고 구술사를 통해 탐구하는 멀티미디어 전시회입니다. 전쟁을 체험한 평범한 재미동포들의 삶의 이야기를 예술로 승화시킨 이 전시회는 한국전쟁이라는, 한미 양국 역사에 있었던 비극적 에피소드를 지배하던 침묵으로부터 벗어나기 위한 공적인 기억의 장소입니다. 한국 전쟁은 300만명에 달하는 민간인과 120만명에 달하는 군인들의 목숨을 앗아가며 냉전 시대의 개막을 고한 전쟁입니다. 하지만 이미 60여년 전에 조인된 휴전협정 상태에 머무른 채 끝나지 않고 있는 이 전쟁을 미국인들 대부분은 잊혀진 전쟁으로만 기억하고 있습니다.

Still Present Pasts is:

* A unique educational resource about the Korean War and its legacies for Korean Americans
* A stark reminder of the human costs of military conflict and national division
* An invitation to share thoughts and memories evoked by the exhibit
* A call for broad public support to end the first hot war of the Cold War

Participating Artists:

# Exhibit Project Director: Ramsay Liem 프로젝트 감독: 임램지
# Exhibit Historian: Ji-Yeon Yuh 역사자문위원: 여지연
# Exhibit Artists 참가 예술가

* Deann Borshay 강옥진 (디앤 보르셰이)
* Injoo Whang 황인주
* Ji-Young Yoo 유지영
* Yul-san Liem 임율산

# Contributing Artists

* Sukjong Hong 홍석종
* Yong Soon Min 민용순
* 6.25; History Beneath the Skin 우리 안에 흐르는 역사
o Performer 연기자: Grace M. Cho 조 그레이스
o Performer 연기자: Hosu Kim 김호수
o Performer 연기자: Hyun Lee 이현정
o Stage Director: Carolina McNeely 무대감독: 캐롤리나 맥닐리

For more information on the exhibit and the artists, please visit the Still Present Pasts Site.


Call for Gallery info: 212 998-3700

Images from the April 7th Opening and Reception

Yul-san Liem, Curator and artist at the Still Present Pasts Opening

Grace M. Cho, Artist and Author at Opening

Opening Reception in gallery

Girl With A Tank - by Injoo Whang

My Mother Used to Tell Me - by Sukjong Hong (detail)

Our Puzzle - by Yul-san Liem and exhibit participants

Defining Moments - by Yong Soon Min

Hosu Kim at the Gallery Talk

Deann Borshay Liem at Gallery Talk

Performance Demonstration between Film screenings and Gallery talk

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