Welcome to The (Unending) Korean War site

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  1. Thanks for this post. I basically agree with what you are saying. I have been talking about this subject a lot lately with my father so may perhaps this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!

  2. Daniel Wolfe says:

    I am a decorated U.S. infantry Korean War veteran. I have written a memoir, Cold Ground’s Been My Bed: A Korean War Memoir. Three years ago I asked the program director of Barnes and Nobel if I could deliver a reading. She replied, “No one’s interested in the Korean War.” I replied the parents, wives and friends of the 36,000 who gave their lives and the 100,000 American wounded and the 2 million Koreans who died are interested. Yes, it is The Forgotten War but not by those who were scarred by it

    • admin says:

      The Korean War, while framed as “forgotten” has impacted US veterans and their families and US society itself, all of Korea as well as numerous other countries. This conference, the films and talks are being presented in hopes of addressing some of the Korean War’s lesser known impacts and effects.

  3. Mike Davino says:

    It looks like it was a good conference. Sorry that I missed it. Are any future conferences planned?

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